CEO & Founder

Karamat Ilyas is well known for his various milestone achievements within Christian community. He is the CEO of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism – the pioneer organization who has started the pilgrimage tours from Pakistan to Holy/Biblical places in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. He started this in 2013 and to date led 100+ group tours to such places under his supervision. He is the mentor of many people worked for him and now running their own business houses.

Several renowned religious clerics, government officials, media personalities, TV channels’ owners, politicians, and authors have travelled along to several countries in his experienced guidance.

He started the services of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism in 2013. In the history of Pakistan none of the person or organization took such initiative of taking Christian community members to these sites mentioned in The Holy Scriptures. People now have ample trust on Karamat Ilyas for his firsthand knowledge, kindness, friendly attitude and competitive tour packages along with comprehensive information delivery according to Bible and history. Also being the Pastor, he has baptized many in River Jordan during his visits.

He is an author of 2 books of 150 pages (Urdu language) about holy places in Jordan & Egypt. Another book containing 265 pages in English language is the advanced version of Urdu book with extensive information on biblical places is under printing process.

In recognition of his services, several churches regardless of congregation have given him special awards and certifications. Moreover, Government of Egypt also appreciated him for his valuable services to his country-men and same faith followers.
Karamat Ilyas is also the Chief Editor of monthly “Sada-e-Aqliat” – an Urdu language magazine, since its first publication. This magazine covers wide variety news reagarding Christian Community in specific and other communities in general. The magazine is very popular in community and has a unique recognition with great number of readers.