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Holy Lands Travels & Tourism

The services of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism were started in 2013. In the history of Pakistan none of the person or organization took such initiative of taking Christian community members to these sites written in Holy Scriptures. People now have ample trust on Karamat Ilyas for his knowledge, kindness, friendly attitude and competitive tour packages along with comprehensive information delivery according to Bible and history. He started this in 2013 and till todate led more than 42 group tours to such places under his supervision. 


Community member must visit holy places mentioned in the Holy Scriptures/Bible/History, as they still exists in Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy and France even after many millenniums passed.


At Holy Lands Travel & Tourism, we believe that community members must witness themselves by visiting Holy/Biblical places to strengthen their faith and empower personal and family life. We believe it is through travel to these places; we understand Bible more, learn caring & sharing, remain witness for ourselves, feel nourished in our spirit & body on return from centuries old holy/historical places.

Special Objective:

Our special objective is to promote tourism in Pakistan, make travelling affordable, and bring awareness of Holy/Biblical places within your budget. If you have a limited budget and don’t have time to design or plan your tour in accordance with your resources, let us do it for you.