Isaac Terrance

General Manager

Mr. Isaac has over 15 years of well-rounded Senior Management experience mainly in the Distribution, Retail; Marketing & Business Development which encompasses the development of two leading Swiss luxury watches retail based companies in Pakistan. In addition, he works as an independent Consultant in Pakistan as well as for companies in Europe.

Other than working in the Swiss luxury watches industry, Isaac has worked with the official distributors of Sony and Nokia. Not to mention, with one of the leading fashion designers of Pakistan.

As a consequence of his working experience in diverse entities, with varied responsibilities, Isaac has developed significant skills in multiple business areas. The areas of his expertise include Business Development, Sales & Marketing, and he has led luxury retail sales teams.

Due to his background, especially in dealing with international affiliates and visiting several parts of the world, he is well qualified, and has the relevant experience to play an effective role as a General Manager of HLTT.

While Isaac is confident that he would be able to play an effective role in any organization which he become a part of, the areas where he feels that he would be able to add considerable value are Business Management, Development, Marketing & Sales. He has already played a significant role in in his previous assignments, and has also been actively involved in establishing new divisions and/or corporate entities within or on behalf of the companies where he has worked, either individually, or by leading a team.

Isaac has always had an excellent rapport with the teams that he has led, and has encouraged the ones who show initiative to take leadership roles. He has additionally structured and developed numerous deals for project or contracts conducted successful negotiations on behalf of his employers and corporate clients, and have abundant experience with regard to trouble shooting and handling of difficult or complicated situations.

Isaac’s major strengths include integrity and professionalism, both of which have stood him in good stead over the course of his career.