Founder & Chairman


CEO Holy Lands Travels & Tourism

Karamat Ilyas is well known for his various milestone achievements within Christian community. He is the CEO of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism – the pioneer organization who has started the pilgrimage tours from Pakistan to Holy/Biblical places in Egypt, Jordan and Turkey. He started this in 2013 and till todate led more than 42 group tours to such places under his supervision. Bishop Dr. Yaqoob Paul (Chairman, Paul TV), Madam Clara Pasha (Commissioner, Punjab Healthcare Commission, Vice President Midwifery Association of Pakistan, Presidential Award Winner Government of Pakistan), Mr. James Watt (Director, St. James Nursing School), Mr. Munir Bhatti (Director, Isaac TV and Chairman, Christian Tourism Services), Pastor Aftab Rehmat (Chairman, Salt of the Earth Church Ministries), Mr. Amjad Niamat (Moderator Lahore Presbytery, Presbyterian Church of Pakistan), Haroon Hayat Chohan, Bishop Asif Jannisar, Pastor Shafqat Rehmat and Pastor Nawaz Bhatti (Regional Director, IFGF) worked in his team and visited such places along with him. 

Former Federal Minister Kamran Michael, Pastor Shahzad Sadiqque (Chairman, Praise TV), Zikeria Yousaf (DSP, Punjab Police), Fr. Emmanuel Asi (Chairman, Catholic Bible Commission of Pakistan), Fr. Inayat Bernard, Fr. Joseph Shahzad, Fr. Mushtaq Piyara, Fr. Rahat William, Fr. Peter John, Mr. Emmanuel Pervez (Income Tax Officer), Bishop Dr. Dominic Javed (Chairman, Supreme Council of the Bishops), Senior Pastor Patras Salamat (Chairman, Philadelphia Pentecostal Church), Elvin Jalal-ud Din, Manzoor Chaudhry, John Choudhry, Pervaiz Barkat, Zia Khokhar, Pastor Falak Sher, Pastor Shahzad Perviz (Chairman, Holy City Pentecostal Church) , Imran Lal Das and Pastor Shahzad Chaman also travelled under the supervision of Karamt Ilyas. 

The services of Holy Lands Travels & Tourism were started in 2013. In the history of Pakistan none of the person or organization took such initiative of taking Christian community members to these sites written in Holy Scriptures. People now have ample trust on Karamat Ilyas for his knowledge, kindness, friendly attitude and competitive tour packages along with comprehensive information delivery according to Bible and history.

River Jordan where our Lord Jesus Christ was baptized, Mount Sinai where Moses were given Ten Commandments, the home in Egypt where Holy Family stayed for a period, Dead Sea, and many more prominent places are the key essence of these tours. Karamat Ilyas also being the Pastor, baptized many in River Jordan during his visits. 

Karamat Ilyas is also an author of 2 books of 150 pages (Urdu language) with colored photos about holy places in Jordan & Egypt, for the information and convenience of those who are less fortunate and cannot afford travelling to these sites. Another book containing 265 pages in English language is the advanced version of Urdu book with additional information and photos of Biblical places is under printing process. 

In recognition of his services, Catholic and Protestant churches have given him special award and certification. Moreover, Government of Egypt also appreciated him for his valuable services to his country-men and same faith followers. 

Karamat Ilyas is also the Chief Editor of monthly “Sada-e-Aqliat” – an Urdu language magazine, since its first publication. This magazine covers wide variety news of Christian Community in specific and other communities in general. The magazine is very popular in community and has a unique recognition with great number of circulation.

The team working alongside him is well versed and dedicated to pin every detail before leaving. They confirm every comfort for each group member not only before travel but till their return safely to homeland.